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Why A Rental Community Is Right For You

Historically the U.S. housing stock since WWII has averaged a ratio of 35% multifamily to 65% single family. The majority of multifamily was rentals. In the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s, condominiums became more popular and added to the multifamily stock, but  the vast majority were still rentals. Most of the apartments development was geared toward a younger population as an entry step to housing in hopes of owning a single family home in the future. There was a natural market-driven balance between single family and multifamily housing.

Somewhere along the line during the 1990’s, our political leaders, government officials and greedy bankers decided everyone should be able to own a home and through a series of moves including cheap ( fancy) financing and low down payments, they manipulated our natural housing stock ratios to be closer to 28%- 30% multifamily. This included putting people in financed homes even when they couldn’t afford the payments. Speculators were also buying,  just to flip the house or buying vacation 2nd homes in hopes of a short term future sale.

Needless to say, but this was a house of cards that came tumbling down in 2008. This debacle has put us in a lost decade with tremendous debt that will take an additional decade to balance our economics at best, but we are a path now to restore the natural balance in our housing stock.

The demand for rental is changing with an ever more diverse demographic group of people looking for apartment rentals today. There are many reasons why folks are reconsidering renting as opposed to owning. Some say it’s the obvious – the cost to own versus renting is simply not worth it, but it’s more than that. It’s TIME!

Time is the one thing we cannot control and never have enough of. With all of the electronic gadgets and cell phones, coupled with our 24/7 plugged-in society that we live in, many people are on overload and are saying it is simply not worth their precious time to own a home. Assuming they can find a fitting rental community, it’s nice to have someone else take care of all the associated issues involving housing, allowing them freedom to pursue their interests. Quality of life gets better and a sense of freedom is restored. They are CHOOSING to rent, not needing to rent.

The question then becomes how to find the rental community right for you. Considerations include location, neighborhood, amenities, management and maintenance service. A retired couple looks for something different than a recent collage graduate.

Westglen Village Apartments in Ballwin is that unique community that offers a safe and convenient neighborhood located within Westglen subdivision. Amenities include reserved covered parking, spacious floor plans and plenty of room to enjoy our acreage. Westglen has local owners that take pride in their community providing residents with unparalleled service and a commitment to that sense of value that today’s sophisticated apartment resident deserves. That’s why several residents have called Westglen home for over two decades.

This article was written by: WestglenVillageApartments