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What to Do Before you Move into your Chesterfield MO Apartment

Moving into a new place can often be a very overwhelming experience. From hiring a mover to rounding up boxes and packing—the to-do list seems never-ending.

At Westglen Village Apartments, we believe moving into a new place should be an exciting experience. To help make this process run a little more smoothly, we have completed a pre-moving checklist for those getting ready to move into a Chesterfield MO apartment. Chesterfield MO Apartment

#1 Supplies: Planning a move often requires a long list of supplies. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, labels, etc. Be sure to stock up on these supplies before you start packing. It will make the sorting and packing process run more efficiently and it will keep all of your belongings well organized.

#2 Choose a Mover: Out of all of the decisions you make during the entire moving process, we believe selecting a mover is the most important. Start by polling your friends, family members and co-workers to see if they can vouch for any of the local moving companies. It is recommended that you select someone that is not only insured, but has a solid reputation to boot.

#3 Take Measurements: The last thing you want be doing is disassembling a coffee table in the parking lot because it won’t fit through your door. It is important that you take measurements of your new place and the furniture you plan on using.

#4 Car Serviced: While you may be using a moving company to handle the big stuff, you will probably be moving your most prized possessions in your car. In an effort to avoid any moving day breakdowns, we recommend taking your car in for a routine service check.

#5 Take Inventory: Moving day is stressful for all parties involved and the likelihood of a mistake occurring is pretty strong. Things get lost, misplaced or forgotten. We suggest taking inventory of all of your belongings both before and after the move. The will help reduce the risk of anything being left behind.

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This article was written by: Cory