Westglen is within minutes of everything West St. Louis County (Ballwin, Chesterfield & Manchester) has to offer - shopping, parks, golf, fine restaurants, AAA schools and major employers. With easy access to Highway 40 and I-270, our location is unbeatable.

How to Organize Your West St. Louis County Apartment on a Budget

Conventional wisdom says that decorating a home or an apartment can be a pricey endeavor. What if we told you that it didn’t have to be? At Westglen Village Apartments, we like to consider ourselves as more than West St. Louis County Apartment complex, but a true resource for hardworking Americans. West St. Louis County Apartments

Before you begin shopping for storage containers and fancy portable drawers, check out our cost efficient tips for organizing an apartment.

#1 Storage Ottoman: We personally love the storage ottoman because it serves 2 needs: a place to rest your feet and a storage space for magazines, remotes, etc. Price: $60 – $100

#2 Woven Baskets: A large woven basket can be used in the bathroom to house towels and soaps or in the family room to store old newspapers and magazines. Price: $10 – $20

#3 Binders: If you have a hard time keeping your papers organized, we suggest keeping them in a 3-ring binder. You can have one for instruction manuals, work papers and cooking recipes. Price: $1.00 – $20

#4 Netted Bags: The netted bags that hold potatoes and oranges can be re-used to for a multitude of purposes including: storing bath toys, laundry and/or sporting equipment.

#5 Glass Jars: Used glass jars—big and small—can be used to store spices, pens and pencils, flowers and any other nick-nacks you have around the apartment.

#6 Ice Cube Trays: If you don’t have the cash to purchase a jewelry box, we recommend using ice trays in the meantime. Not only will it help you keep all of your jewelry in order, it won’t cost you more than a few bucks! Price: $1.00 to $20

If you would like to take a tour of Westglen Village Apartments, please visit us online 24/7 at westglenvillageapartments.com or call 636-227-6220 to speak to a representative.

Senior Apartments in West St. Louis County

As we begin to age, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to make life a little less stressful. Our senior apartments in West St. Louis County offer a wide-range of advantages for both seniors and new retirees. From our maintenance free pledge to our affordable monthly rates—Westglen Village is a perfect place to spend your golden years.

If you are currently looking for a new place to call home, here are a few reasons why Westglen could be the perfect for you:

#1 Maintenance Free: In the past, your weekends may have been filled with honey do’s… not anymore! When we say maintenance free— we aren’t kidding! No cutting grass, raking leaves or fixing leaky sinks. We take care of everything. Senior Apartments in West St Louis County

#2 Woodlands: Westglen Village Apartments is a special place to relax and enjoy nature. With 17 acres of trails and woodlands, residents have the freedom to explore nature at the drop of a hat.

#3 Affordable: Additionally, the apartments at Westglen are also affordable, giving you the opportunity to invest your hard earned money in things that truly matter. These things could include: a new car, boat, Jet Ski or even a bigger, better vacation.

#4 Privacy: Often times, apartment complexes are constructed near loud environments such as shopping centers or highways. Westglen is nestled among 17 acres of woodlands, giving our residents a true private living experience.

If you are searching for senior apartments in West St. Louis County, give Westlen Village Apartments a call today! Our Ballwin apartments offer affordable pricing, top-notch amenities and easy access to shopping and fine dining. If you would like to learn more, please visit us online 24/7 at westglenvillageapartments.com or call 636-227-6220 to speak to a Westglen Village representative.

Ballwin Apartments – Renting On the Rise in St. Louis

At Westglen Village Ballwin Apartments, it is our belief that a home is more than simply four walls, but a place where a family can create memories that will last a lifetime. That is why we have developed an apartment community that encompasses everything people love about owning a home, without the costly maintenance fee.

Ballwin Apartments

Our Ballwin apartments come in a variety of floor plans, ensuring affordability for all walks of life. To learn more about Westglen, call 636-227-6220 today.

According to CBRE Global Research and Consulting, an integrated community of preeminent researchers and consultants, apartment renting is on the rise in St. Louis. In fact, rent growth in the Gateway City is expected to be one of the healthiest in the Midwest, further establishing St. Louis as one of the strongest renting communities in the country.
While the struggling housing market might seem like the obvious cause for the boom in renting, we believe it is rooted in the desire of families to obtain a maintenance-free home life. Here is what maintenance-free living means to us at Westglen Village Apartments:
It is a blustery cold winter evening and your furnace just kicked the bucket. If you were a homeowner, you would have to spend hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars to repair or replace your current unit. We would not only solve the issue in a timely manner, but we would pay for all of the repairs… at no cost to you!
Now, the real question is: what will you do with all that extra cash?
Are you in search for an affordable apartment to rent? Westglen Village Apartments in St. Louis County offers cost-efficient pricing, premium amenities, fine dining, high-quality shopping outlets and maintenance-free living. If you would like to learn more, please visit us online 24/7 at westglenvillageapartments.com or call 636-227-6220 to speak to a Westglen Village representative.