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5 Decorating Tips for your Ballwin MO Apartment

In our previous blog post, we explored what to do when moving into a Ballwin MO apartment. While the move itself is often the most overwhelming part of changing living quarters, it is hardly the only challenging aspect.

Once the move it complete, you will need to get settled in to your new abode. Where should I place the TV? Would a mirror help to open up the family room? These are just a few questions many Americans ponder when moving into a new apartment.

At Westglen Village Apartments, we like to think of ourselves as more than a Ballwin MO apartment complex, but a true source of information for all renters.

To help ensure that everyone truly gets the most out of their new space, we have compiled a list of simple decorating tips.

#1 Area Rugs: A light color area rug has the power to lighten up any room, regardless of its shape or size.

#2 Hang ‘em High: We suggest hanging long drapes as apposed to mini shades. Long drapes will make the space feel taller, thus opening up your room.

#3 Lighting: Believe it or not, but the right lighting can really do wonders for your space. Dimmers are perfect for controlling the mood and lamps placed near the floor will fill the walls with light. Feel free to play with different kinds of lighting.

#4 Bed Placement: If you want to truly maximize the size of your space, we recommend placing your bed near the center of the room.

#5 Wall Shelves: Shelves that mount to the wall (floating shelves) not only look great, but save on space too.

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This article was written by: Cory